Cuyahoga West Chapter Membership

♦ Membership runs from January through December. Memberships received AFTER October 1, are credited to the next year.

 ♦ Four quarterly issues (January, April, July, and October) of the TRACER newsletter are included for every member and the current year's issues will usually be available at meetings for new members and others.

 ♦ Please print & complete form & enclose check payable to CWC. Mail to:

Cuyahoga West Chapter, OGS

PO Box 45607

Westlake OH 44145-0607

 New Member(s) ______ Renewal ______

____Single Membership $15.00 OR ___2 persons at one address $18.00 

Donations are greatly appreciated ________ Amount Enclosed ________

 Name(s) ______________________________________________________________________

 Street Address: ______________________________________________________________________

 City, State, Zip: ______________________________________________________________________

 Phone: _____________________________  Email: ___________________________________

 Locations or Family Names you are searching (County & State, or Country): ______________________________________________________________________



Are you a current member of the Ohio Genealogical Society?: __YES __NO

 Do you want a membership card? ___YES ___NO. Please send a SASE, if you want a membership card and the latest membership list.

 For Members Only! 10% DISCOUNT for Society's publications!

 Free Queries for Members- enclose any queries or surnames you wish to have placed in our quarterly newsletter on an attached sheet. They will be published as space permits; additional queries may be sent at any time.